Forklift Charging Options

Crudele Equipment offers a wide range of replacement batteries both new and used as well as Battering Charging Options. Please contact one of our specialist to receive your quote. Ask us about our COMPLIMTARY Energy Meter Analysis.

Opportunity Charge

Opportunity charging is a system that allows forklift batteries to be charged during breaks, lunch, between shifts or whenever there is an “opportunity”. An opportunity charger works in the same manner a fast charger does, as it charges the battery to 80-percent state of charge during each charge, and then up to 100 percent after a recommended cool down period.
The OPPORTUNTIY FORKLIFT BATTERY CHARGING is best suited for operations that have multiple shifts and limited time for battery charging throughout the day.

Forklift battery opportunity charge
forklift battery fast charge

Fast Charge

Forklift batteries take as little as 50 percent less time to charge than it takes to charge a battery conventionally in fast-charge technology. A Fast Forklift Charge will charge a battery in two to four hours. Fast chargers work quickly because they don’t turn down the rate of current the way a conventional charger does. These chargers keep the charge rate high during the whole charge time.
Operations that have back-to-back shifts and want their operators to use the same equipment are good candidates for FAST FORKLIFT BATTERY CHARGING . When downtime means lost productivity, fast chargers help keep things moving along.

Industrial Chargers

Your battery is not much good without a forklift battery charger. While 120V chargers are available, you really need a 240V charger and the high current levels it can provide to adequately provide a balanced charge to your battery.

An INDUSTRIAL FORKLIFT BATTERY CHARGER must be properly sized to not only the voltage of your battery, but also the amp-hour rating. A charger that is too small will not fully charge your battery, and a charger that is too big could overhear and damage your battery.

Give us a call for a wide selection of new and gently used chargers to match your current or new battery.

Lift truck industrial chargers
forklift batteries

Forklift Batteries

Performance from a heavily used forklift battery will vary greatly, depending on your application. Overall, considering the reasonable price of a new forklift battery and the years of service you can expect and the fact that you don’t want to be having to replace a 3,000 lb battery bank every couple of years – a new battery set is hard to beat.
Contact us for a wide selection of new and gently used chargers to match your current or new FORKLIFT BATTERY CHARGING needs.


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Forklift Rentals

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