Self Propelled Stand-on Stacker Forklift

Class 3 forklift primarily used indoors, with smooth and / or paved surfaces. Self-propelled stackers have very high versitalidad counterbalanced by its compact design and high maneuverability. Suitable for pallets and short strokes. Unlike stackers with stabilizing legs, the charges are counterbalanced using the full length of the unit plus the weight of the battery. It is not recommended for external use. Excellent for closed areas where low emissions are required, there is little ventilation or staff working there. Require an industrial battery (8 hrs cycles of work, 8 hours of charging, 8 hours cooling) and a charger.


● Class 3
● Walkie / Stacker
● Cushion Solid Tires
● Counter Balanced
● Capacity: 2,000 to 4,000 lbs.
● Fuel: Electric

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